Postpartum Box

There are so many unknowns in motherhood. Don't let your healing be one of them. From nipple cream to essentials for "down there" and everything in between, we've got mama covered,


We tested so many products on the real postpartum mama to find the absolute best to offer to you.

Safe for mom and baby

Clean - free from toxins and chemicals

Nip Stick – Bee Maternal Organics

Cracked and sore nipples is a 4th trimester reality. But don’t worry this organic nipple cream is lanolin and mess free. Stop sticking your fingers in a jar and apply it directly from this convenient twist-up tube, keeping your hands clean and ready to snuggle baby. No need to wipe off before feeding baby.

Boob Food – Lactation cookies

Boob Food is a vegan and gluten-free lactation cookie and treats company. Eating two cookies a day will help increase a nursing mothers milk up to 5 more oz. Fenugreek free and made with love! Pack them in the diaper bag or next to the bed for a midnight feeding snack. Even if you choose not to breastfeed, they are a nutritional packed treat! 

Postpartum Pads - The  Honey Pot

Relieve pain or discomfort, banish odor-causing bacteria and balance your pH with our Postpartum sanitary pads. The secret weapon in these maternity pads with wings? A blend of natural and herbal ingredients which create a "cooling" effect that soothes soreness and calms cramping, making it an ideal feminine pad for after delivery. Keep in the freezer for extra cooling and relief. 

Muesli - Seven Sundays

Seven Sundays creates better mornings by crafting craveable muesli mixes that leave you feeling energized for the day ahead! Filled with plant-based, nutrient dense ingredients, this cereal is the convenient, delicious, and nourishing breakfast every mom needs for herself and her family. The iron-rich oats in this muesli mix help increase milk supply for breastfeeding mothers while the high fiber and plant-based protein content benefits the whole family. Grab a spoon, dig into a delicious bowl of muesli, and find the strength you have within to thrive in this season of life! 

Lil’ Buds Breast Comfort Pads – Lillemer

Breast pain in the 4th trimester is real! These comfort packs can be used hot or cold to provide luxurious pain relief for mothers with engorgement, painful let down, clogged ducts, and infections. 

Postpartum Healing Spray – A labor of Love

Whether you are a first-time mom or delivering your 5th baby, delivering a tiny human is no easy feat. This Healing Postpartum Spray supports your most vulnerable areas and helps soothe the discomfort of delivery. This spray isn’t only for the mama that has had a vaginal delivery. If you deliver via cesarean you can still use this spray to support and soothe the irritation that comes with using feminine hygiene products for weeks at a time. Postpartum Healing Spray is loaded with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, paired with Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Organic Witch Hazel to reduce swelling, promote healing and protect from future irritation. Our moms agree that pain and irritation greatly improved after using our Postpartum Healing Spray! Keep it in the fridge for an extra relief.

Herbal Sitz bath – Holistica Botanicals

Herbal sitz bath is a healing blend of organic herbs and epsom salt all with a special purpose. Use the herbal sitz bath after birth to tend to your delicate parts and speed up healing. This blend comes with a muslin bag to use to brew your sitz bath. Your sitz bath infusion can be poured on to peri pads and placed in the freezer for a cooling and healing effect. 

Uplift Mist – Holistica Botanicals

We all need a pick me up sometimes! Uplift Mist naturally elevates the mood with therapeutic grade essential oils. This mist is hand blended with essential oils that ease anxiety and down feelings, as well as assist in hormone balance. The postpartum journey is hard and there will be good and bad days. Spray this mist as a natural perfume, spray as a body mist, in your hair, on your pillow, in any room. Inhale and exhale – You got this mama.

Organic Rose Lip Glaze - Lauryn’s Garden

This lip gloss not only heals those dry chapped lips, makes you feel a little more put together and will easily be the prettiest lip gloss you own. You won’t go anywhere without it.

Headband – True North Collection

The days are long, but it still doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day. You are just trying to figure out how to feed and care for your new baby, change a thousand diapers and get a consistent hour of sleep. Showers, makeup and hair routines might take the backseat these days. Thank goodness for super cute headbands. Throw it on in the morning and feel like a whole new woman. We got you mama. 

Coffee Eye Serum – Ursie’s Apothecary

To say you’re tired would be an understatement, but don’t let the bags under your eyes give that away. Say goodbye to dark circles and bags with this highly caffeinated coffee serum. Gently apply roller ball to under eyes in the morning for bright younger looking eyes. 

Happy Heiny Salve – Organic Reverence

Childbirth can do a number on your down there region. This will have you sitting in no time. Using before and after childbirth can speed up healing time. Use on closed c – section scars, varicose/ spider veins, stretch marks, and the entire down there zone. 

Ivory Floral Robe – May and Joy

Wrap yourself in this soft and pretty robe. This cover up solution will be your go to. So comfortable and easy. Makes for great newborn pictures too! 

Rose Quartz Necklace – Joy Jewelry

Each necklace was handmade with joy and wishes for you as you embark on this amazing journey called motherhood! The Rose Quartz in this necklace is a symbol of unconditional love. You are amazing mama. You grew and delivered an incredible little baby, and not only will they love you, but you will love them unconditionally. It is like no other love. Soak it in and embrace it.

We get it. From one postpartum mom to another. We understand that everyone's postpartum journey is different. We know healing and self care, that's what we do. Mom is the hero in this story, so we are here for her.